Based in Strasbourg, France.
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Ahn Sang Soo & Lee Sang
book design
24,6cm x 26,8cm

A French-Korean bilingual type specimen on the typeface Ahn Sang Soo and Lee Sang, two Korean typefaces designed by the Korean typographer Ahn Sang Soo.

144 :)
book design
6cm x 8cm x 3cm

A little book about my 144 days I spent in Prague as an exchange student. The volume of the book is equal to 144cm3 (6cm x 8cm x 3cm).

Concerning Smart Cities
poster design

Series of posters designed after reading Clarence Maeander’s essay on his critical view on smart cities. I imagined these posters to be printed in the future, having a view ‘back’ on today’s screen-obsessed society. These posters are printed on translucent paper in order to replace the light source of these ‘screens’: from screen light to sunlight.

book design; typography
10,6cm x 15,5cm

Type specimen for Panama, a revival of Trajan that was drawn with correction tape.

book design; typography
2,6cm x 26cm x 4,7cm

pH is a cryptic alphabet created from Trajan. The type specimen puts in parallel the shape of the letters with pH test strips.

Sans Titre
book design
12cm x 18cm

Sans Titre is a zine that witnesses the gradual loss of a novel’s identity. The visuals were created with a book found at a flea-market which was decomposed with correction tape and re-composed through scanning and photocopying. Made in collaboration with Saehan Park and NoĆ©mie Deslot.


Genesis is a light installation of stained glasses like the ones in chapels or cathedrals. This was an attempt to play around with different cultural codes and aesthetics. Instead of biblical scenes, these light-projected stained glasses represent the legend behind the founding of Korea.

Creative 90

21cm x 26cm

Series of illustrations from childhood memories.

Strange Cabins
23cm x 21cm

Shelters in their surreal, imaginary and unusual shapes.