Based in Strasbourg, France.
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Ahn Sang Soo & Lee Sang
book design
24,6cm x 26,8cm

A French-Korean bilingual type specimen on the typeface Ahn Sang Soo and Lee Sang, two Korean typefaces designed by the Korean typographer Ahn Sang Soo.

144 :)
book design
6cm x 8cm x 3cm

A little book about my 144 days I spent in Prague as an exchange student. The volume of the book is equal to 144cm3 (6cm x 8cm x 3cm).

À propos des villes intelligentes
poster design

Series of posters designed after reading Clarence Maeander’s essay on his critical view on smart cities. I imagined these posters to be printed in the future, having a view ‘back’ on today’s screen-obsessed society. These posters are printed on translucent paper in order to replace the light source of these ‘screens’: from screen light to sunlight.

* À propos des villes intelligentes = Concerning smart cities

book design; typography
10,6cm x 15,5cm

Type specimen for Panama, a revival of Trajan that was drawn with correction tape.

book design; typography
2,6cm x 26cm x 4,7cm

pH is a cryptic alphabet created from Trajan. The type specimen puts in parallel the shape of the letters with pH test strips.

Sans Titre
book design
12cm x 18cm

Sans Titre is a zine that witnesses the gradual loss of a novel’s identity. The visuals were created with a book found at a flea-market which was decomposed with correction tape and re-composed through scanning and photocopying. Made in collaboration with Saehan Park and Noémie Deslot.

*Sans titre = Untitled

Creative 90

21cm x 26cm

Series of illustrations from childhood memories.

Strange Cabins
23cm x 21cm

Shelters in their surreal, imaginary and unusual shapes.